Michael Jordan’s Son Clowns Kobe During Game 7

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, a freshman basketball player at the Univ. of Central Florida, became rather opinionated last night when the NBA Finals Game 7 telecast featuring the Lakers and Celtics aired a graphic showing a statistical comparison between his dad and Kobe Bryant in NBA Finals series.

Marcus Jordan Clowns Kobe About Comparison To Father Michael

After he saw the graphic and heard the game broadcasters discuss the comparison, Marcus Tweeted from his Twitter account: Read more…

UCF: Nike To Pull The Best Marketing Coup Ever?

I’m in awe this morning. Everyone is going nuts, upset at Marcus Jordan and dad Michael over Adidas dropping UCF in response to MRjr lacing Nikes last night.

Marcus Jordan

(UCF readying for its ‘White’ Knight in Nike?)

But after talking to two prominent sports marketing execs this morning, all indications are that Nike will soon swoop in to save the day, picking up the UCF sponsorship that Adidas has abruptly vacated.

Brilliant. Read more…