Arenas Dropped By Adidas After Felony Guilty Plea reports it was sent this statement by Gilbert Arenas shoe sponsor Adidas:

Gilbert Arenas Dropped By Adidas

In response to Gilbert Arenas’ guilty plea to felony charges, adidas has terminated its agreement with the athlete effective immediately.

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Adidas Cancels UCF Deal Over Jordan’s Jordans

Well, that didn’t take long. Hours ago, UCF announced that His Heirness Marcus Jordan would be taking the floor in tonight’s exhibition in his dad’s Air Jordans. According to Darren Rovell at CNBC, adidas has responded… by summarily canceling their $1.9 million sponsorship with the Golden Knights.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(But what of the custom-made Air Jordans? All people get those before their freshman year, right?)

The immediate ramifications - financial and otherwise - are as yet unknown, but adidas says all notions of a contract extension with the school are completely off the table. And our question is pretty simple: where the hell was Michael Jordan on this one?

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Score One For The Swoosh: Marcus Jordan In Nike

A couple weeks ago, we brought you news that Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, was refusing to comply with the school’s adidas shoe deal, insisting instead on wearing Nike on account of his father’s inextricable history with the brand. The story was that UCF had granted him permission to wear Nikes in exchange for signing with the school, up until some executives at adidas balked at the deal afterward.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(Will Marcus be stepping out in his Air Jordan exclusives?)

Well, score one for the plucky underdogs at Nike; Phil Knight and his rag-tag gang of misfits have finally gotten their big break. As the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL’s Twitter feed reported, young Marcus is in his Nikes tonight. WHEW. Thought they’d never get their way.

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Must Marcus Jordan Always Be His Father’s Son?

Odd news from ESPN today, as UCF’s Marcus Jordan - son of His Airness Michael, of course - is refusing to comply with the Golden Knights’ shoe deal. UCF has a $3 million dollar with adidas, while (not suprisingly) Jordan won’t wear anything but his dad’s Air Jordans.

UCF jersey adidas logo
(It’s an adidas logo. It’s not made of poison.)

While it’s fine and normal for Marcus to want to honor his dad (if this is, indeed, Marcus’ decision alone), it seems slightly improper to do so in this way. We’re not going to chastise Marcus much for not understanding the way endorsement and equipment deals work - he’s just a freshman in college - but there are several causes for concern here, and nearly all point right back at Dad.

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Would You Spend $100 Million On Ana Ivanovic?

How much is Ana Ivanovic worth? Not from a creepy, Robert Redford from Indecent Proposal sort of way, but from a sports marketing standpoint? That’s the question being asked by Darren Rovell at CNBC, as the stunning Serbian tennis ace is looking for a lifetime shoe and apparel endorsement deal worth up to $100 million - potentially the most lucrative endorsement deal in women’s sports history.

Ana Ivanovic kneeling down

The “lifetime” deal would actually be for the projected length of her career, in the 20-year-old Ivanovic’s case 10 years, making the figure a cool $10 million a year. That would include incentives for winning major tournaments, staying healthy and playing an a high number of tournaments to increase her visibility. The trick for Ivanovic and her management is to get as much of that money guaranteed as possible.

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Blog Jam: Anti-Adidas Pose In USA B-Ball Photo?

Darren Rovell of CNBC sees a pro-Nike, anti-Adidas conspiracy afoot in this photo of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

USA Basketball team pro-Nike photo

• Ouch! THE FIGHTINS pitches up video of the Padres’ Michael Barrett taking a foul ball to the face. At least his left testicle wasn’t fractured.

• WITH LEATHER (via MACHOCHIP) thinks ESPN is a whiz for coming up with a urinal that features a soccer ball & goal.

• PROJO SOX BLOG is bowled over by the latest giveaway from the Brockton Rox - a Yankee Stadium bobble wrecking ball.

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Tennessee Fan Site Blames Adidas For Volunteers Football Woes

UT FANSITE BLAMES ADIDAS FOR VOLS’ FOOTBALL WOES: A Tennessee fan site thinks they’ve solved the mystery to the Volunteers’ poor football showing in recent years. It’s gotta be the shoes:

Tennessee Vols football

ROCKY TOP TALK blames footwear financier Adidas for the knocks taken in Knoxville. The site says it’s the shoe shucker’s sponsorship that’s making the Orange & White faithful feeling blue.As proof, RTT rattles off some other programs on the Adidas docket, such as:

• Arkansas (Houston, you have a problem)

Appalachian State Houston Nutt

• Michigan (Two words: Appalachian State)• Nebraska (See Callahan, Bill)

• Notre Dame (See Navy, 43-Year Losing Streak Stopped by)

Navy Notre Dame Franchione Texas A&M

• Texas A&M (Read all about it in Coach Fran’s next newsletter)Exclusive company, indeed. But cheer up, Vols fans. At least you have your basketball programs to keep it all together.