MLB Apparently Overrun With ADHD Sufferers

Baseball has always been a hyper-competitive sport, where athletes did whatever they could to grasp that competitive advantage over their opponents–and their potential replacements. Oh, and by “competitive advantage,” I mean “as many drugs as possible without being caught.” Mountains of drugs, people. To the point where getting on the field without the use of any amphetamines was called “playing naked.” This, we’re assuming, was much more palatable than the literal interpretation (unless it was Pete Rose (below), of course. Mrowr!).

Pete Rose Nightmare Fuel
(Flimsy, transparent excuse to post this picture, but what can you do? I got the ADD’s something fierce.)

But with the litany of PED-related crackdowns in recent years, players are starting to shift away from PED and toward ADD. Yes, we’re not making this up, they’re taking freaking Adderall. And don’t look now, but the World Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t whole-heartedly endorse this practice: Read more…