‘Happy Gilmore Swing’ On Golf Course Illegal?!

David Clark Scott of CSMonitor.com reports on a bizarre, golf-related court ruling in Canada recently. Justice Arthur J. LeBlanc recently ruled that running up to the ball to whack it, like Adam Sandler in the movie Happy Gilmore, should be considered a legal breach of “the standard of care owed to other players on the course.”

Happy Gilmore Swing

“I am convinced that the “Happy Gilmore” shot,” wrote Judge Le Blanc in his decision, “would have been less controllable than a normal tee shot, both because it involved a run-up to the ball (rather than an aimed shot from a stationary position) and because the defendant had been drinking throughout the day

Uh, Ohhh-kay. So why the heck did this even come in a Canadian court? Read more…

Video: Harrington Getting His ‘Happy Gilmore’ On

I was fairly impressionable as a kid when it came to movies. After seeing “Jurassic Park”, I saw no reason why we couldn’t start cloning dinosaurs right away. I guess Padraig Harrington was impressionable, too, because he’s been experimenting with a new shot straight out of “Happy Gilmore”.

Happy Gilmore

All golfers must have thought about it at one point: How far would the ball go if you got a running start? We have our answer. The 8th-ranked Harrington added an average of 30 yards to to his tee shot. So, is this golf’s Fosbury Flop? Is it just a matter of years before all golfers are using the running stroke?

Video after the jump.

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Clips Beat Boston, Enough To Drive You To A DUI

• The L.A. Clippers beat the Boston Celtics. First sign of the apocalypse?

Gabe Pruitt Celtics Ricky Davis Clippers

• And Brooks was there, checking out the Staples Center’s Chairman’s Club - while the Celts’ Gabe Pruitt should have called a cab.

• Today’s tale of horrendous hazing & alleged sexual assault comes to us courtesy of the Taft High School boys’ volleyball team.

• One ping pong punk puts on a celebratory dance routine that would make Ocho Cinco proud.

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SbB Caption Contest: Sandler & Allen Get Clipped

Hey readers! Time for another star-studded SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today we catch sight of Adam Sandler & Marcus Allen sitting courtside at last night’s Clippers game at Staples Center, where … wait a sec. A Clippers game? Couldn’t they have at least waited ’til tomorrow to see Kobe & the Lakers take on Shaq & the Suns? But hold on - the Clips actually beat the Celtics? Maybe the sight of Marcus & Adam proved to be inspirational for L.A.’s NBA B-team to bring it’s A-Game. Anyway, here they are:

Adam Sandler Marcus Allen Clippers game

Think you can shield your eyes long enough from such an awesome display of star power to make an amusing quip? If so, submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, with a chance to get two tickets for the upcoming Sandler-Allen theatrical vehicle, “The Longest Yard II: Go Longer”.

Good luck and good writing! And if any Hollywood studio actually goes through with this production, we want our fair share of the net gross.