Pirates’ LaRoche P.O.ed Over Beltran’s Comments

When you think heated Major League Baseball rivalries, you think Yankees vs. Red Sox. (That’s because ESPN has mercilessly pounded this particular rivalry into sports fans’ minds at the expense of the rest of the MLB clubs. Or so says Heath Bell.) Well, the Worldwide Leader might want to add the burgeoning bad blood between the Mets & Pirates to its lineup.

Adam LaRoche Carlos Beltran

Earlier this week, the Mets were swept by the perennially pathetic Pirates, and that didn’t sit well with some of the New York players. Centerfielder Carlos Beltran went as far as to call it an embarrassment, adding, “I know they’re a big-league ball club, but we’re better than them.”

In return, such conceited comments didn’t please some of the Pittsburgh players, particularly Adam LaRoche. As far as the Pirates first baseman is concerned, Carlos is like school in summertime - no class.

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BlogJam: Sun Shines Bright on Ivanovic Vacation

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