Blog Jam: Sugar Ray’s Very Excited To Be In Maui

• CELEBSLAM points up some photos of Sugar Ray Leonard getting a rise out of jogging in Maui.

Sugar Ray Leonard Maui jogging erection

Doc Rivers knows how he feels.

• Having trouble finding your way around the blogosphere? BALLHYPE’s Tom Ziller is happy to help out by presenting The Blogdome Atlas.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY hits the high seas, as Pete Carroll takes control of an aircraft carrier.

• THE SCORES REPORT has a nice chat with Adam Carolla, who lambasts the boxing scenes in “Rocky III” as being *gasp* staged!

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Boomer Misses Cut On ESPN’s Masters Coverage

How about giving *us* a gift basket to work full-time in the Big Apple?

Chris Berman’s not covering The Masters. We wonder why.

Chris Berman

• Funnyman Adam Carolla has a new film out. Yippee.

Tiger Woods is good, but can he be Byron Nelson good?

• Having a nice chat with the Tampa soccer streaker.

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Carolla Alone Can’t Fill Comedic Chasm In Our Soul

Dont laugh: One of the great comedic tragedies of our generation was the breakup of Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam Carolla Jenna Jameson Hammer The Movie Both Spit On Camera

(Jenna to appear at Carolla’s premiere - appropriate as both spit on-camera)

We’re being serious now, how many iconic movies and TV shows would we all be quoting these days if the pair had stayed together. Unfortunately though after their breakout success as “Man Show” co-hosts, Kimmel strayed off to late night TV and Carolla is now doing a regionally-syndicated morning radio show. Read more…

Phins’ Taylor To Debut His Dancing Skills Tonight

Jason Taylor is getting ready to get jiggy with it, as the Dolphins’ defensive star makes his debut on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight.

Jason Taylor on Dancing With The Stars

The PALM BEACH POST offers a quick preview of Taylor’s chances on the ABC reality show. Following in the football footsteps of Emmitt Smith (who won) and Jerry Rice (who placed second), Jason is aiming his sights at more manageable goals for the series opener: Read more…