ManU’s Wayne Rooney Throws The Ball At Referee

Manchester United is England’s most famous soccer club, and for good reason: they have high salaries, high profiles, and high standards of success. The Yankees are about as perfect an analogy as you can ask for, though ManU wins a bit more than the Yankees these days.

Rooney Melts Down
(We’re pretty sure punching a defenseless flag didn’t change the ref’s mind. Nice try, Shrek)

So when United dropped their second straight match (to Fulham, even), much-ballyhooed striker Wayne Rooney brought his team back together with reasoned leadership. By that, of course, we mean he melted the f*** down and probably ruined any chance at the Red Devils breaking that losing streak when they face Aston Villa in a couple weeks. And look, it’s fine to get frustrated during a loss. Firing the ball at a referee when you’ve already got a yellow card on the day, well, that’s just retarded. Read more…