Knicks Fans Shown In TV Ads Actually Paid Actors

Despite another dreadful season, the Knicks want to prove they still have plenty of diehard support, by showing 30-second TV spots featuring fans talking about their devotion to the team.

Knicks Fan bag on head

Apparently the Knicks couldn’t find enough devotees, so they ended up using actors.

The NEW YORK POST reports that the team sought the services an agency called Impossible Casting to dig up faces for their ads. Agency owner Craig Lechner said that MSG gave him “explicit orders to seek actors, as long as they weren’t SAG members or recognizable character players.”

One of the knock-off Knicks fans described his experience.

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IU Frosh Eric Gordon Possibly Played Michael Jordan’s Son In Space Jam

DID INDIANA PHENOM PLAY JORDAN’S KID IN ‘SPACE JAM’?: Freshman phenom Eric Gordon should be used to looney situations while he plays at Indiana University. After all, he was in “Space Jam“:

Eric Gordon Space Jam

CONSTRUDA lays up news that the Hoosier hoopster could possibly the same shooter that portrayed Michael Jordan’s son in the animated & live-action celluloid combo.Although there have been differing online opinions about the truth of the matter, the blog offers visual evidence of Eric Gordon from the film and from his high school yearbook:

Eric Gordon SpaceJam HS

If you try getting the truth from MJ himself, the new divorcee will probably give the cold shoulder. He wouldn’t be in the mood to talk about a kid who dropped 43 points on his real-life sons during a high school game.So, is the Gordon who bounced with Bugs Bunny now kicking it with Kelvin Sampson?

WIKIPEDIA says it’s a myth. So, there’s your final answer. It’s not like anyone can go to that site and write whatever they want.