John Daly Doesn’t Need Golf, He Needs To Rock

John Daly’s a weird cat. We probably didn’t need to tell you that, of course, but every now and then it bears repeating. He’s getting his weight down and that’s a good thing, but even if he’s jettisoning his vices, it’s unclear-at-best if he’s replacing them with normality.

John Daly and his guitar
(John Daly: he’s to the acoustic guitar what John Daly is to golf.)

Example, you ask? But of course: how about yesterday? Daly was hanging in there at the PGA Championship at +2 with two holes to play in the first round. He double bogeyed them both, left without speaking to the media, then witihdrew on account of an old back injury. We’ll take him at his word on this one, since one of the few vices he doesn’t have in his past is lying. That much isn’t that far out of the ordinary. Taking the opportunity to release a new song, however? That we didn’t see coming.

So let’s take a listen, shall we? Audio is after the break.

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