More Details In Stallworth’s Fatal Miami Collision

Miami Beach police are slowly releasing more details about receiver Donte Stallworth’s fatal accident with a pedestrian last month, and things aren’t looking any better for the Browns’ oft-injured pass catcher. That means that just when Stallworth appears to be getting a break, a new wrinkle makes it look like his action was even more crass than originally thought.

donte stallworth browns

(Does “flashing” a rushing pedestrian really equate to adequate warning?)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Stallworth hit 59-year-old Mario Reyes in the far left lane of the six-lane MacArthur Causeway, where Stallworth was speeding by 10 miles-per-hour at 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Believe it or not, that’s actually better than the original story, which held that Reyes was hit within the road’s crosswalk. Yet the much more troubling detail coming out is that Stallworth claims he “flashed his car’s headlights” to warn Reyes before running him down in the road.

Naturally, that begs a pretty obvious question: How could Stallworth have time to recognize there was a man in front of him, with his muscle memory triggering a warning flash of his headlights (a motor response that would take at least a second or two) but not have time to react by breaking with full power and swerving to avoid contact? As far as we can tell, there’s no reason.

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Ex-Razorback Runs Away From Fatal Car Accident

A lot of people finished off 2008 on a rocky run (Charles Barkley, anyone?), but few can compete with former Arkansas and Weathersford (Tex.) star running back Mark Pierce, who killed the driver of an oncoming car in a drunk driving accident and then ran from police on foot at the scene.

mark pierce arkansas

According to the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM, Pierce had reportedly stolen a Chevrolet Trailblazer from his family’s home in Weatherford on Tuesday morning, when he collided with a van driven by Lance Shelter in south Fort Worth. Pierce was then encountered with two options: try and help the victim at the scene or leave on foot. He chose the latter. (Shelter had died instantly in the crash.)

Unfortunately for Pierce, it’s not so easy to make good time while running from police when you’re very, very drunk. Fast as he is, he was still apprehended less than an hour after fleeing. He was arrested for “suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid”, and it doesn’t seem like a stretch to say he’ll end up guilty on both those counts.

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NASCAR Owner’s Daughter Charged With DWI

New proof that the self-entitled daughters of wealthy sports owners shouldn’t be allowed in public with out official escorts: NASCAR owner Bruton Smith’s daughter, Anna Lisa (sounds about right for a NASCAR daughter, doesn’t it), has been charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license, according to the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER. The charges stem from this horrific accident that occurred last week.

anna lisa smith

Of course, the immediate question is, “why was the daughter of an opulent NASCAR owner driving drunk in the first place?” Clearly, her father could have paid to have her chauffeured anywhere she wanted. Hell, he could have paid a NASCAR driver to take her anywhere she wanted. After all, this is a man who owns about half the tracks that NASCAR uses. If he gets pissed off and doesn’t want them to use his tracks, guess what? NASCAR isn’t racing.

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Wallace’s Son Slams Fence Coming Out Of Garage

Rusty Wallace

Usually, if a driver makes a head-turning crash at Daytona, they often do it on the track during the famous 500 - not when they’re pulling out of the garage.

SCENE DAILY exchanges insurance information, as Steve Wallace - son of racer Rusty - plowed into a chain link fence just as he left the speedway’s garage on Monday. Apparently, Steve forgot the crew was working on his brakes before he decided to peel out.

Wallace lamented, “Sometimes you do the most embarrassing stuff you ever thought you’d do in your life, and today was it.” Although he wasn’t hurt, Steve’s ego was assuredly bruised.

So what did the car look like after the crackup?

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Lo Duca Almost Hit By Car When Discussing Mitchell Report

LO DUCA AVOIDS CAR CRASH DURING REPORT DISCUSSION: On the eve of the Mitchell Report announcement, Paul Lo Duca almost got out of any questioning - by almost getting into an auto accident:

Paul Lo Duca catcher

DC SPORTS BOG listens in on a WFAN radio interview with the ex-Mets star. When asked if players were nervous about what the report was going to announce, Lo Duca got nervous on the road:”You know, to be honest, I probably should stay away from it, so I’ll have no comment, but to me I don’t think it’s really an issue. You know, all this stuff that’s been going on for the last three years, the probing [of] guys, doing this and that, it’s the kind of thing — Ooh, whoa! I’m driving, I almost got hit by a car!

Phew! That was a close one. After his near collision, Lo Duca was then asked if he would be surprised by any of the names listed in the report:

No, I’m not going to be, I don’t think you’re gonna be really surprised about who’s on the list. So I think it’s the kind of thing where a lot of the stuff was five, six, seven years ago and you know something? It’s over with. Get over with it, you know? You know what I mean?

Paul Lo Duca Nationals

We bet Paul’s hoping his new employers can get over it, too.

49ers Fan Dies After 20-Foot Fall At Monster Park

49ERS FAN DIES AFTER 20-FOOT PLUNGE AT MONSTER PARK: A San Francisco 49ers fan died during Sunday’s game after falling 20 feet from his seats onto concrete:

San Francisco 49ers stadium

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports that the 31-year-old was jumping onto a wall at Monster Park’s upper concourse level, when he misjudged his leap and plummeted to the mezzanine level below.Paramedics arrived and worked on the fan for 30 minutes, but he was soon pronounced dead at the scene.

The 4-foot-high wall has a 4-inch sloping ledge, described by a team VP as a difficult spot to “place a drink on or sit on.” Considering the Niners’ record the past few seasons, the fan may have been looking for an escape.

Dumpster trash

It’s not the first time a 49ers fan’s folly resulted in snuffing it at the stadium. During a 1985 game, a fan was killed when he tried to ride a dumpster down a stadium ramp.

Lamar Odom Running Red Lights While Lakers Teammates Run Down By Rockets

LAKER LAMAR DOESN’T CHECK ODOM-ETER IN CAR CRASH: While Kobe & crew were running hard Tuesday night, teammate Lamar Odom was busy running red lights:

Lamar Odom car crash

TMZ reports that the Lakers forward was involved in a two-car accident prior to the team’s home opener against Houston.Police say that Odom was driving in suburban Hawthorne, when his Mercedes ran a red light and slammed into the side of a Geo Prizm. The victim in the other car had to be freed from her vehicle by using the Jaws of Life.

Family members say she is in serious but stable condition with head & leg injuries.

Lamar Odom duck

However, no alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident, and Odom was apparently “very concerned” about the victim, staying with her until help arrived.ESPN via the RIVERSIDE (CA) PRESS-ENTERPRISE adds that Odom, already inactive because of off-season shoulder surgery, can now add a concussion to his laundry list of maladies.

Although his car was totaled, Lamar did make it to the Staples Center last night, just in time to see Bryant booed & L.A. get rocked by the Rockets.

Not a good day for Mr. Odom.