Mayor KJ Still Reeling from Nasty Sacto Election

Former NBA player Kevin Johnson may have won the Sacramento mayoral election last fall, but that didn’t make all the dirt the previous mayor (Heather Fargo) and her supporters kicked up just disappear. (For your convenience: hints of underage sexual assault, evil landlordism, slimy direct mailings, etc.) Johnson and the city of Sacramento are still dealing with the repercussions.

That’s why it was something of a relief for KJ and the city when the whole nasty matter about alleged abuse of federal funds given to his foundation was resolved earlier this week.

Kevin Johnson elected mayor of Sacramento

Why the city? As part of the federal investigation, the feds put Johnson on a “do not receive any federal money” list, which just might have kept the city from getting any kind of federal assistance, crippling city services.

Remember: sometimes you have to burn down Sacramento to save it. (”It” being “Heather Fargo’s job”.)

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