Virus Outbreak Keeps Some USC Students Home

Watching last week’s loss to unranked Oregon State might have left a bad feeling in the stomach of USC student’s stomachs, but that stomach pain is nothing in comparison to the vomiting, diarrhea and stomach-cramping that might be dished out at the Coliseum tonight.

USC Song GIrl V for Victory

(V is for Victory Virus)

An outbreak of what is being described as a “highly contagious gastrointestinal virus” has hit the USC campus, leaving at least 75 students in the hospital for treatment. In a campus-wide email sent early Saturday morning, Professor Larwrence Neinstein, M.D warned students who do not feel well to “stay at home, take plenty of fluids, and not socialize until they are feeling better.” In regards to tonight’s game the professor states, “we would rather you watch it on television than chance infecting your fellow students.”    

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