Martina Navratilova New Spokesman For AARP

SAFE TO SAY BUD COLLINS IS PISSED OFF THIS MORNING: The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports “Martina Navratilova has agreed to an endorsement deal with the AARP to serve as its first Health & Fitness ambassador.

Martina Navratilova

AARP Chief Brand Officer Emilio Pardo said that Navratilova’s job will be to “share tips with AARP members in online chats, conduct Q&As and video segments on the group’s Web site, and speak at events.

Joe Piscopo

So Martina is the new spokesman the AARP? That’s gotta really sting for Janet Reno’s marketing agent. And we would’ve thought a deal with MWLLOL would’ve been next served up on her endorsment plate (ok, we promise to never link it again, but have you SEEN Joe Piscopo lately?).