Dolphin GM Suffers Slip; Robert Smith Suffers Rip

Well, who *hasn’t* lied about their age every once in a while?

Kyle Turley politely disagrees with Robert Smith over the NFL’s handling of players’ disability.

Kyle Turley helmet toss

• Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland may have absentmindedly muttered out Miami’s choice for 1st pick.

Nick Saban continues to demonstrate the charming rapport he has with the media.

Jim Boylan has been officially bumped off the Bulls’ payroll. Bet he feels like Aaron Gray did.

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Royal Ivey Delivers Royal Slam to a Bull’s Jewels

When we saw the quiet announcement today that Royal Ivey of the Milwaukee Bucks would enjoy a three-game vacation due to (in the NBA’s words) “punching Chicago Bulls center Aaron Gray in the groin” on Monday, we just had to see the 6′4″ Ivey attack the 7′0″ Gray’s area.

Thanks to the intrepid investigative work of ODENIZED, we have been rewarded. Watch the goofy tall white man in the post (Gray). At the 0:04 mark, Ivey collapses on Gray to double down when the ball’s fed in. At the 0:05 mark, Gray collapses to the ground and does not get back up. This is like the Zapruder film, except the shot is to the groin.

So what caused this fist to Gray’s anatomy? We have a suggestion…

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Aaron Gray Not Shy About Louis Vuitton Penchant

Noce of CHICAGO BULL passes along a letter sent out today by the Chicago Bulls to season ticket holders that was supposedly written by Bulls player Aaron Gray.

Aaron Gray Chicago Bulls

It was, no doubt, a public relations masterstroke by the club. Gray’s mention in the letter of buying a Louis Vuitton bag for his mother must ease the minds of the Bulls fans who doled out thousands in ticket money this season, only to witness the most hideously underachieving team in the league.

And Gray also confirms what we’ve always known: Ben Wallace is a great guy! Read more…