Did A-Rod’s Ex-Wife Tell SI About Positive Test?

Alex Rodriguez went a little overboard the other day in his interview with Peter Gammons in trying to portray SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writer Selena Roberts as some sort of obsessed stalker. But why? Roberts has vehemently denied almost all of A-Rod’s accusations. Could it be because Roberts was successful at getting closer to A-Rod than he wanted, without resorting to over-the-top antics?

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

Somebody had to leak to Roberts that A-Rod failed a drug test in 2003. A-Rod claims that he didn’t know about the failed test until Roberts told him about it recently. But that doesn’t make any sense, since the MLB Players’ Association told everyone who failedĀ  before they were re-tested in 2004. But the only people they told were the players themselves. So who else would have known about the test results? I don’t know, could it have been … A-Rod’s wife?

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A-Rod’s Wife Files for Divorce, Kills Commerce

We’re something of a fanboy for Apple products, so we thought we were the bee’s knees when we talked Brooks into letting us head down early this morning to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store to interview other fanboys standing in line for Apple’s new iPhone 3G. Even though the phone doesn’t drop until the 11th, the line has already formed.

We were shocked, though, when we approached Central Park and saw a line had already extended deep into Central Park. We had heard a few hardy souls were there for the attention; we hadn’t heard anything about an invasion.

Women in line

We were also rather confused by the composition of the line. We had rather expected more of us: nerdy guys in need of sunscreen and umbrellas for safety. (Oh, and lots of bloggers; after all, who else can afford to buy an iPhone 3G but can also sit outside for a week to get one but the wealthy blogorati?)

Instead, we attempted to comprehend a line of middle-aged women as far as the eye could see in either direction as it snaked through the Park. They all had handbags, tiny dogs, or both and chatted away on their cell phones (mostly iPhones or Blackberry phones). We steeled ourselves, took out our recording equipment, and dove in to begin our interviews.
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