MLB Minority Hiring Policy Could Be Delaying Dodgers Torre Hire

MLB HIRING POLICY DELAYING DODGERS DEAL W/TORRE: Many Dodgers fans are wondering why Joe Torre hasn’t been officially announced as their new skipper yet. But a couple of employment matters are putting things on hold.

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Long-time Dodgers radio reporter A. Martinez was talking about the situation with John Ireland & Steve Mason on KSPN-AM’s “Big Show” on Wednesday.Martinez said that a possible snag in finishing the deal was Major League Baseball’s hiring policy, which requires teams to interview at least 1 minority candidate for any openings.

Mason joked to Martinez, “Then why don’t you apply?

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The Dodgers might be wanting to avoid the fate of Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen, who was fined by the NFL for his 2003 hire.That season, Millen had selected Steve Mariucci as his primary head coach target. He was so gung-ho about the Mooch that no other candidates were interviewed.

However, Matt’s quick choice went against league policy, which required a least one minority candidate to get the chance at the job. Millen was fined $200,000 for being so direct in his desires.

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The Lions said they tried to interview minority applicants, but the five men they had in mind all turned them down. They declined because it seemed Mariucci was already a lock for the job.The Dodgers may now be facing a similar problem in their situation. It’ll be hard to look for prospects who already know there’s a slim-to-none chance of joining the team.

And it’s not just league formalities that are stifling the Torre deal. There’s also hiring concerns with the support staff:

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that Torre wants a voice in coaching staff decisions - namely, who the Blue Crew hire & how much they’ll get paid. Don Mattingly is expected to join Joe in the dugout if Torre agrees to a deal.Dodgers GM Ned Coletti has been mum about any progress or potholes. He’s only said that the team “has interest” in Torre, and refused to elaborate on the negotiations:

I don’t ever classify anything as close or far. It’s either done or not done, and it’s not done.”

Maybe they can come to a “mutual decision”, like they did with Grady Little.