CBS Suits Seriously Considering Packer Ouster?

Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that the suits at CBS are restless about renewing Billy Packer for next season because of comments he made during the Final Four KU-UNC game:

Billy Packer

(Warning: Despite docile appearance, Leatherback Sea Turtles can still snap your finger right off)

The smoke has not fully cleared from the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Some Black Rock residents are still ticked over Packer cavalierly declaring Kansas a winner over North Carolina with 7:32 left in the first half (and the Jayhawks ahead 38-12) of their Final Four matchup on April 5. … telling viewers to turn off the TV is not a great idea, especially in a soft advertising market.

Billy Packer Charlie Rose Fag Out YouTube Video

This is the same Packer who has previously survived at CBS despite calling Allen Iverson a “tough monkey and accusing Charlie Rose of “fagging out on me.”

So why would CBS consider firing Packer now? If you haven’t figured it out, let us help you. Read more…