Lowe Blow: Dodgers Pitcher Disses On Vin Scully?

Vin Scully is a true broadcasting legend. The long-time announcer has been covering the Dodgers for decades, becoming a synonymous symbol of the team, just as much as Tommy Lasorda or Fernando Valenzuela.

Derek Lowe Vin Scully

But one member of the Blue Crew apparently isn’t tickled pink about Vin’s vaunted tenure. TRUE BLUE L.A. turns red when they hear Derek Lowe dissing on the stoic Scully. Read more…

Details Don’t Blog Down Comb-It-Forward Cuban

Mark Cuban is a sick, sad, likely lonely fellow these days. After he banned DALLAS MORNING NEWS blogger Tim MacMahon from the Mavericks locker room (and subsequently all bloggers) for criticizing the team, Cuban is no doubt now only friended by those on the dot com-bust beneficiary’s payroll.

Comb It Forward Cuban

MacMahon shouldn’t feel bad though, Cuban eschews everyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s what happens to most entourage-impaired well-monied celebrities. Even the ones who have a comb-forward so complex that it would take a team of NASA scientists to work out the geometric properties of such a structural wonder. Read more…

Twins Owner Pohlad Won’t Share His Vast Wealth

The Minnesota Twins would seem to be dealing with the same adversity of any cash-strapped small market team: losing high-priced free agents Johan Santana and Torri Hunter to bigger markets and having to dip into public funds to finance the team’s new stadium. Makes some sense, except when you take into account that the team’s owner, Carl Pohlad, is the wealthiest among baseball’s ruling class, according to FORBES.

Carl Pohlad Twins owner

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE points out that among the 92-year-old Pohlad’s “peers on Forbes’ global billionaire list are John Malone (Braves, tied for 553rd, $2.2 billion), Mike Ilitch (Tigers, 743rd, $1.6 billion), and Tom Hicks (Rangers) and George Steinbrenner (Yankees, tied for 897th, $1.3 billion).”

Read more…