Want To Lose That Blogging Job? Here’s How!

Mark Medina of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has a piece today comparing the behavior of zoo animals to the on-court personality of Kobe Bryant. In the politically correct-infested waters of the Tribune Company, I can’t say I’d have the stones to employ a concept so fraught with just-add-water outrage. (I’m told Medina enjoys juggling butcher knives and working as a backup cameraman for Bear Grylls in his spare time.)

Kobe Bryant at the zoo

First advisable move by Media, slough off all comparisons to the zookeepers:

I’m by no means an animal expert, and the grades in my biology classes prove it. But I figured I’d contact people who are to lend their insight. Los Angeles Zoo spokesperson Jason Jacobs provided me a rundown on the different behaviors of certain animals and Dana Brown, director of human resources at the L.A. Zoo and a Lakers fan, explained how they are comparable to Bryant’s play.

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