Why Are Favre Jeans Ads Still In Heavy Rotation?

If you’ve watched television the past 48 hours, it’s virtually physically impossible not to have seen a Wrangler commercial featuring Brett Favre.

Brett Favre Wrangler Ad

(Must not be current with their New York periodicals)

With coverage coming from main media outlets and NFL reporters on the NFL’s investigation into alleged inappropriate text messages and voicemails sent by Favre to New York Jets employees, media junkies are seemingly perplexed that Wrangler may actually be increasing the number of Favre ads airing.

Today USA TODAY ran a poll on the subject accompanied with the following copy:

Kind of odd, isn’t it, that Brett Favre’s Wrangler commercial is still running?

… He also still has a presence on the home page of the jeans-maker’s website, despite the questions being asked about whether he crossed the line on sexual harassment.

If you were Wrangler, would you still be running the ad?

On the contrary, USA Today readers who voted in the poll haven’t found it odd that Favre’s Wrangler spot is still in heavy rotation, as 71% agreed with jeans maker’s call not to pull the ad.

A similar situation played out on sports business expert Darren Rovell’s CNBC blog today. Read more…