Book: Carroll Knew Who Players ‘Hung Out With’?

Pete Carroll’s new $29.95 book Win Forever is out and is currently racing up the Amazon sales charts, checking in today at #442 on the list.

Pete Carroll Lifts John Wooden Pyramid Of Success

(Carroll escaped NCAA, but could he evade copyright violations?)

In a review of the book, Marcia C. Smith of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER spotlights this passage on pages 128-129:

 ”(Carroll was able to) glean a wealth of information by paying close attention to the actions, mannerisms, and traits of our players. By taking note of the clothes they wear, the hairstyles they choose, their personal interests, and the people they choose to hang out with, we get mountains of information … to create a profile that would accurately direct our efforts to teach each player successfully.”

This from a coach who claimed to know absolutely nothing about the off-field activities of the one of the greatest college football players of all-time, Reggie Bush. (”I didn’t know.“) And the same guy who bolted for the NFL mere months before USC was hit with the worst NCAA sanctions since the SMU death penalty.

At least the previous passage was an original. Can’t say the same for some of the other coaching techniques Carroll detailed in the book. Read more…