Notre Dame Game Soundtrack: Bed Intruder Song

Saturday the Western Michigan University band hat-tipped one of the year’s hottest internet phenomena by covering “Bed Intruder Song” during the Broncos football game at Notre Dame.

Western Michigan Bed Intruder Song

The song is a parody of a garden-variety though insanely amusing Alabama-based news report in July featuring over-the-top comments from an alleged crime bystander named Antoine Dodson:

After video of Dodson’s original comments went viral on Youtube, The Gregory Brothers musical group released an “auto-tuned” version of the news report. (Dodson’s voice was manipulated to make him appear to sing.) Read more…

Ex-Iowa Professor Sues Over Pink Locker Room

EX-IOWA PROF STILL SEEING RED OVER PINK LOCKER ROOM: A former professor who spoke out against Iowa’s pink locker room is now suing the school on Title IX grounds:

Iowa pink locker room

The DAILY IOWAN reports that Jill Gaulding will be filing a complaint about the visitors’ football locker room, saying the color is derogatory against women and intends for visiting teams to “feel like sissies.”

Back in 2005, Gaulding was an associate law professor at Iowa when she first raised a stink about the pink. When no immediate action was taken for a new paint job, she soon left campus.

Gaulding’s now back and ready to file over the flustering facilities. The university states that they don’t respond to potential lawsuits, and if any suits were filed, it would take about 45 days to determine if the suits have substance.

Iowa Western Michigan football

In the meantime, the pink didn’t seem to bother Western Michigan, as the MAC member defeated the Big 10’s Hawkeyes in Kinnick Stadium’s season finale.

The psychological ploy seems to be wearing off. Next year, maybe lavender or puce?