Could BCS Data Be Wrong Yet Go Unchecked? Yes

With the accuracy of BCS rankings data so critical to so many millions of people, it goes without saying that the complex computations should be part of an open, accountable and verifiable system that can be checked by virtually anyone.

BCS rankings error

(How would we know the rankings are wrong? Left to BCS, we wouldn’t)

So, if there was ever a mistake made, a mistake that could actually cost an entire conference its BCS automatic qualifier status, it would be acknowledged and corrected instantly.

If only that system existed.

BCS and RPI guru Jerry Palm reports today that the latest BCS rankings were, in fact, inaccurate. And no one at the BCS - or ESPN- or the NCAA knew about it. Turns out that no one ever checks to see if the BCS data is wrong, except for informal inspections by Palm himself.

Mistakes happen. But this mistake, and how it has been subsequently handled by the offending parties, is unforgiveable.

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