NFL Prospect’s Sex Offender Record Unearthed

Jenna Laine at reports on the largely unknown criminal past of former Abilene Christian offensive lineman and NFL prospect Tony Washington.

Tony Washington NFL Prospect with sex offender past

In May 2003, Washington was convicted of having sex with a relative that multiple NFL and college sources say was his 15-year old biological sister. The act was consensual, according to his college coaches and two NFL scouts, who spoke to him about the incident.

The sister does not wish to speak publicly on the case, according to Washington’s agent, who added that the siblings are now on good terms and talk often. Washington received five years probation and did not serve jail time.

Thanks to his extraordinary physical ability, the 24-year-old Washington was eventually taken in by Trinity Valley Community College coach Mark Sartain and Abilene Christian coach Chris Thomsen. Washington’s projected as high as a second-round selection in the upcoming NFL draft.

Laine balances the piece between those coaches, who are sympathetic to Washington’s plight, and unnamed NFL scouts, who provide the necessary reality check. Read more…