364 Days Before Big 3 Wade Was Recruiting James

Since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat on July 9, there’s been a low rumble suggesting that Wade, as a Miami Heat employee, may have been tampering when he talked to James in past weeks (and years) about joining the Heat.

Dwyan Wade confirms he talked to LeBron James for years about joining the Miami Heat

Unless it can be materially proven that Wade was acting at the behest of Heat management, this particular player-to-player tampering charge is unfounded.

But thanks to an interview with Wade on the Dan Patrick Show on July 10, 2009, if there was any doubt that Wade and James previously talked seriously about the possibility of joining forces with the Heat, there isn’t now.

Here’s some excerpts and audio of the interview between Patrick and Wade: Read more…