Killer Kazemi Met Vince Young At McNair’s Condo

Nashville Police officially closed the murder-suicide case involving Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi today, but not before releasing more documents from their investigation. From those documents we learned today that McNair’s mistress and murderer Kazemi knew Titans QB Vince Young.

Ganther said he met Kazemi at the restaurant where she worked several months before the shooting. She had sent him text messages and visited his Hermitage apartment once. Ganther said he had not had a romantic relationship with her.

You can’t help but wonder what Young was doing at a small gathering with Kazemi while he pretended to own McNair’s condo.

In the 200-page case file released to the public today, police provided nothing further about the “get-together.” Authorities obviously didn’t view Young’s role in the case important enough to include any more details .

But you can only imagine how V.Y. felt when he first heard the news about McNair. And that he was previously at the murder scene with the murderer.