NASCAR Driver Mashes Up Coyote At 190 MPH

Mashups are all the rage in music right now, or so I’m told. Artists like Girl Talk have taught us that all you have to do to become an instant musical millionaire is take two disparate styles of music, speed them up/slow them down, and play them at the same time. Bam! Mashup!

Plymouth Roadrunner NASCAR Coyote

(The eternal struggle between Coyote and Roadrunner goes on)

This formula for instant success and street cred can be extrapolated to other areas of life as well. Sausage + flour + milk = bam! Delicious gravy mashup! Socks + shoes = bam! Comfortable feet mashup! And, of course, the old favorite: NASCAR car running at 190 miles per hour + coyote on track = bam! Motorized meat grinder mashup! Yes, that actually happened, and we’ve got proof. No word on whether either party found fame and fortune.

(*WARNING*: Graphic photos after the jump - not for the faint of heart.)

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