‘Evil’ Boxer Vargas Tries To Evict Mom From Home

Raul Hernandez of the VENTURA COUNTY STAR has a sad, ugly story today involving boxer Fernando Vargas and his mother, Alicia Romo.

Fernando Vargas Swollen Eye: Tried To Evict Mom From Her Home

(Vargas’ Mom: Gets Hit With Eviction Notice From Boxer. Vargas: Gets Hit.)

His mother, Alicia Romo, contends that in 1999 Vargas talked her into signing over her portion of the title to the property where she, her two sons and a 75-year-old relative live. Romo said she and her mother, who is now deceased, bought the house in 1979 when Vargas was a year old.

Vargas has refused to relinquish the title and has filed legal papers to have her evicted, she said.

“He is my son, but he is evil,” said Romo in an interview.

There’s a lot more to the story than just that. Romo claims that things got so bad between her and her son that they didn’t speak for seven years and in 2006, she tried to commit suicide.

The bitter feud with her son has taken a mental toll on her, she said. In a declaration to the court for the eviction hearing, she wrote that she tried to commit suicide in 2006.

Vargas’ lawyer, Oscar Gonzalez, has countered that …

“Fernando has been taken advantage of by many people, including his mother,” Gonzalez said. “They’ve been estranged for many years as a result of some financial improprieties that she undertook while she was his financial manager.”

Gonzalez said there is “some truth” that Vargas is having financial problems.

Now for the inevitable part: BoxingScene.com reported Thursday that Vargas is planning on making a comeback. A comeback that supposedly unrelated to his financially problematic state.

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