Jessica Asks You To Pray For Tony’s Protection

There has been a lot made of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo’s relationship in the media for the last few years, and for the most part, the two of them would like to keep things private. Well, at least Romo would like to keep it private. It seems like Jessica will talk about it anytime you give her a chance to. Still, it appears Romo may be relenting on that front.

(Hey, Jess - can I borrow a robe?)

The two of them were interviewed for a story about themselves in the newest issue of VANITY FAIR, and in it we learn quite a few things. We find out that Jessica doesn’t sit with the players’ wives during the game because it “gives me anxiety to watch with them” and that she’s “never dated a guy who was more simple.” We also learn that Simpson’s lack of faith in the Cowboys offensive line has caused her to become an email spammer:

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