Eddie Van Halen Not So Hot For Nike Shoe Design

When I think of “athletic,” pretty much the last thing I think of is Eddie Van Halen. Contrary to what he might claim, he didn’t get mouth and tongue cancer from having his guitar pick in his mouth: I can’t remember a picture of him from Van Halen’s glory days (i.e. pre-Sammy Hagar) that didn’t involve him sucking down a Marlboro. We’re talking the music version of Vlade Divac here.

Eddie Van Halen

So you might find it pretty surprising that he’s involved with anything to do with Nike. But KTLA-TV says that he’s suing the shoe company for copyright infringement. Specifically, he’s claiming that the design on Nike’s new “Dunk Low” sneakers is a rip off of his famous “Frankenstein” guitar (seen being played by Eddie Van Halen on a clip from “Late Night with David Letterman” from the 1980s):

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