NCAA Won’t Punish Clemson For Illegal Underwear

Earlier today, the college football media (or at least Spencer Hall) was abuzz, agape, and agog at the news that the Clemson Tigers football team would be forced by the ACC to give up two preseason practices for the strange, strange violation of improper and illegal benefits underpants (padded compression shorts). Everybody seemed confused by the sudden ruling, from Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on down.

It was a ruling that came with uncharacteristic speed from the bowels of the NCAA (how’s that Reggie Bush investigation coming?), but when the swift practice sanctions were met with equally swift derisions from all corners of the college football world, the NCAA - cowardly body that it is - retreated this afternoon and reversed the practice penalties. The score now stands: NCAA 129,834 - Common Sense 1.

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