Pat Dye Jr. Cuffed At Combine, Sexton Escapes

Saturday Mike Florio of NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk broke the news that up to two NFL player agents may have improperly gained entrance to the NFL combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Jimmy Sexton and Pat Dye

(Sexton and Dye, Jr. joined forces last November)

NFL rules prohibit NFL player agents from attending NFL combine activities in person.

In the Pro Football Talk report, at least one source indicated to Florio and PFT reporter Gregg Rosenthal that one of the agents had allegedly been, “cuffed, detained, and removed from Lucas Oil Stadium on Friday after using a sponsor’s credential to gain access.

I’ve since learned from multiple sources the identities of two NFL player agents who improperly gained access to a restricted, players-only NFL combine area last weekend. Read more…

Rick Fox May Be Done Delighting Lakers Viewers

• Is ex-Laker Rick Fox calling it quits on his basketball broadcast career?

Rick Fox Jeanene Fox

If so, could he bring his sister Jeanene onto the show before he goes?

• This Celtics-Bulls series is turning into an instant playoff classic.

Trev Alberts: Form the TV analyst’s chair to the athletic director’s chair.

Tommy Lasorda visits with the troops - but he’s not looking so well.

• Under Armour recalls over 200,000 athletic supporters. Well, ain’t that a shot to the balls.

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Under Armour Issues 200,000-Athletic Cup Recall

Under Armour has recalled all their athletic cups from the last three years (over 200,000 in all) for serious flaws. Gentlemen of all ages (including those in the Dixie cup range) should skedaddle to their local Under Armour outlet for a $20 voucher while holding a square of sheet metal in front of their crotches.


What’s the rush? At least five cups have broken recently, according to the company, including “an injury involving cuts and bruising”. This is in the press release, so you know it’s more like standing next to a window during a tornado with your hips thrusted defiantly at the glass.

But you may be more surprised to know why we only found out today about the danger to the dangly bits of America.

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