Worst Person Ever Attacks Special Olympic Relay

You were awful in Little League as a kid, which prematurely ended your dreams of being a professional athlete. Throughout high school you harbored hatred for the jocks, and as a grown man you reached a breaking point one lonely morning watching “SportsCenter”. So you took it upon yourself to target a group of athletes who have no business being where they are, even if their fame is based in pity. So, wanting to take out your aggression on a differently-abled, “slow” group of youngsters, and seeing the Nationals weren’t visiting your town, you assault a bunch of Special Olympic kids.

Special Olympics

That’s my expert psychoanalysis of David Schwartz, who could cure cancer next week and would still be forever known as “The douchebag who threw a chunk of metal at disabled children during the Special Olympic Torch Run.” I hope they print it on your tombstone, f**ker.

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