Source: Cards Owner Bidwell a ‘Screaming Tyrant’

Bob McGinn of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL (courtesy of the OKLAHOMAN) has a wonderfully insightful mini-profile today of the acting owner of the Arizona Cardinals, Michael Bidwill. Most who remember Bill Bidwell ripping the Cardinals out of St. Louis assume that he’s the bad cop of the organization. But according to McGinn’s piece, that’s not so:

Michael Bidwell as Kim Jong Il

(Silver Lining: Management approach has done wonders for Bidwell’s golf game)

Michael Bidwill, 44, was described as a “tyrant” by two former National Football League executives familiar with the inner workings of the Arizona franchise.

“He’s a yeller and a screamer,” one of the executives said. “He intimidates people in the office. He has been known to dress down Rod Graves.

So I guess until this season, that made Bidwill the Robert Mugabe of NFL owners.

Amazingly, even Bidwell’s own employees threw him under the bus to McGinn: Read more…