Bynum Carrying Playboy Bunnies Above His Head

Andrew Bynum’s knee must be feeling a lot better, since the Lakers star is now strong enough to carry Playboy Playmates on his shoulders.

• Guess he finds that more fun than rehabbing with the Hoops Whisperer.

• Is there too much Twittering going on in the NBA ranks?

• One of the Oklahoma City Thunder owners has done such a good job, he awards himself with a $75 million bonus.

• Two men involved in an Internet scam were allegedly killed in a New York condo owned by ex-Jet Jonathan Vilma.

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Shawn Johnson Stalker Caught at ‘Dancing’ Studio

• Some overly-obsessed 34-year-old tried to abduct Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson during a “Dancing With The Stars” taping.

Shawn Johnson Olympic leap

• A girls’ HS basketball team roughs up a roster of Dallas radio guys.

• Apocalypse now? Isiah Thomas could be put in charge of the Clippers.

• White Sox closer Bobby Jenks doesn’t read, but really likes his rear.

• This giveaway’s a gas: Minor league team plans to hand out fart filters.

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NBA Players All A-Twitter About Latest Technology

Ever since Shaq shouted out to any of his Twitter followers while eating at a local diner, Twittering has taken the NBA by storm. More and more ballers are making their way to sign up & take part in the latest social e-fad.

Shaq Twitter friend

(Shaq with a newly-found Twitter friend)

Of course, some players are already taking their Twittering a bit too far, such as Charlie Villanueva, who’s texted during halftime of a game, and also spilled the beans about UConn coach Jim Calhoun’s health status. Still, it appears that Twitter is becoming a permanent part of the NBA landscape - until a new & cooler social technology comes along.

So, what other pro b-ballers are sharing their thoughts through Twitter?

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