Ron Artest Re-Enacts Brawl For Chinese Pop Star

There are only a handful of events in sports that can be unmistakably described in two short words. The Shot. The Play. And, of course, The Brawl. Ron Artest could retire from the NBA today, devote his life to spreading democracy in the Middle East or saving endangered baby butterflies in Tibet, and he’d still be best remembered for the events of November 19, 2004 (NEVAR FORGET).  David Stern would never admit it, but The Brawl has gone down in history as one of the NBA’s most unforgettable moments.

Ron Artest Shin Shin Hong Kong

(Pic courtesy Ron Artest’s Twitter)

And while it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that The Brawl’s notoriety has spread worldwide, it was still amusing to see Hong Kong pop singer Shin Shin asking Artest about it. What was very surprising, however, was Artest suddenly deciding to re-enact the whole damn thing, on camera, in front of an amusement park…in Hong Kong. Take it away, Tru Warier.

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