Dinner: Trent’s Baby Daughters, Mom, BOOSTER!?

Here’s a photo - uploaded to Facebook on February 11, 2011 - of current Alabama star running back Trent Richardson, his two baby daughters and Richardson’s mother Katrina taken by disassociated Alabama booster and Tuscaloosa suit store owner Tom Al-Betar:

Trent Richardson his two baby girls and his mom with Tom Albetar out to dinner

The photo was taken February 9, 2011 with the following Facebook caption provided by the disgraced UA supporter Al-Betar:

Trent Richardson Katrina Richardson and Tom Al-Betar at T-Town Menswear

“Trent and he’s Momm and kids at dinner two days ago having fun with my boy.”

Al-Betar, who earlier this year confirmed to the TUSCALOOSA NEWS that he sells Alabama football memorabilia inside his suit store, also had a photo on his Facebook account showing Richardson and his mother in T-Town Menswear on New Year’s Day, 2010 - before Alabama’s national championship game against Texas. Read more…