Bob Delaney Might Still Wear A Wire Just For Fun

If you’ve read Bob Delaney’s book, “Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob,” then you know the story of the current NBA referee who, as an undercover officer for the New Jersey State Police, helped to bring down powerful New Jersey crime syndicates in the mid-1970s. NBA ref and mob undercover cop: That’s two lifetimes for most people. In one you’re mixing with criminals and tough guys to try and bring a little justice to a lawless world, and the other involves working with the mob.

Bob Delaney

(”Excuse me stranger, could you direct me to the Bada Bing?”)

When Delaney woke up this morning, he did not get himself a gun. Those days are over, but he talked about them recently in an ESPN radio interview. Some pretty compelling stuff. Read more…