Recruit: College Career Shipwrecked By Spellcheck

WFAA’s Brett Shipp of NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES in Dallas reports that local high school hoops star and Mizzou top recruit Tony Mitchell will probably lose his scholarship - and not graduate from high school - thanks to attending a dubious school his junior year.

Tony Mitchell

Center of Life Academy is a private school accredited by a home schooling association that is not recognized by DISD.

Sources tell News 8 that 14 of the high school credits Mitchell brought with him from the Miami school were not transferable at Pinkston High School.  But last November, Principal Norma Villegas let Mitchell quickly make up the credits.

Tony Mitchell

Sources said he took the equivalent of nine course make-up exams in two days  —  five of them over a two-hour period.

Mitchell passed every test, and — in just a matter of hours — went from being a freshman at Pinkston to qualifying as a senior.

One of WFAA’s primary ways of discrediting the “Center of Life” Miami high school was to display spelling errors from a website that apparently represents the institution. While I couldn’t find the URL myself, I did locate a primitive web presence promoting the basketball team. Read more…