61-Year-Old Placekicker: Square Foot, Round Shoe

61-year-old Tom Thompson gets a puff profile from KXII-TV in Austin thanks to his role as kicker on the local community college football team. We get these stories a couple times a year, with the reporter always somehow neglectful of the possible negative life decisions that led to the unorthodox and now-unoriginal circumstances.

Tom Thompson Kicks Straight On With Round Shoe: OW


Thompson is no different. Bless his heart for going back to school, but seriously, shouldn’t he own a couple-three coin-op laundromats by now? And I love the coach’s comments in the story, telling us how much hard work and “pain” Thompson went through to make the team.

Actually, scratch that. After watching Thompson, I know exactly what the coach’s talking about.  Read more…