U.S. Open Caves To Singh, Snubs Former Champ

Tom Kite and Vijay Singh are the last two people I’d normally get riled up about, but thanks to an absurd decision by the USGA this week to allow the non-exempt Singh into the U.S. Open field while snubbing ‘92 U.S. Open Champion (@ Pebble Beach, no less) Kite, I’ll make an exception.

Tom Kite Vijay Singh

This Monday, Kite will rise at dawn to slog through 36 holes with mostly amateurs and semi-pros outside Denver in a desperate bid to make the Open field. Meanwhile Singh, with his current game in disrepair and facing a similar qualifying day after his request for a free spot in the field was turned down, has since been gifted a tee time for Pebble Beach.

So why does former Pebble Beach U.S. Open Champion Kite have to qualify while Singh doesn’t?

Kite didn’t threaten to skip his qualifier because his tee time was too early in the morning. Read more…