Tom Brady’s Marriage Is A Little Unconventional

Many pointy-nosed media observers have recently reasoned that rogue sports blogs are responsible for the increased prying into the off-field lives of high profile athletes.

Gisele Bundchen Photo Shoot With Black Guys

(Photo shoot or scouting Pats’ 2009 draft class?)

I’d love to take credit for that, but it isn’t true. Some athletes are now being covered like show business celebrities only because they are in relationships with well-known entertainment names. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen top the list, which makes some rather provocative photos that I recently discovered of Brady’s new bride somewhat salient posting material.

Of course, this kind of coverages pisses off players and teams to no end. (And dinosaur media members.) But when you mingle with tabloid targets, you don’t get the free pass that the sports media has provided ballplayers for over a century.

And lest you think I would only post the smallish, thumbnail collage of the photos, there are some full size images after the jump. Read more…