Tiger Charity CEO Mocks Brady Accident Coverage

As noted by golf blogger Geoff Shackelford today, when Tiger Woods Charity Foundation President & CEO Greg McLaughlin isn’t collecting a $503,138 annual paycheck for running a charity and stamping out rumors that Tiger donated money to earthquake relief efforts, he’s Tweeting insightful observations that could in no way be construed as sour grapes:

Greg McLaughlin mocks media coverage of Tom Brady car accident

The line for Pats v Bengals remains -4.5 after Brady’s “serious car accident”. I’m sure the media couldn’t have missed this one.

McLaughlin is clearly suggesting that Brady’s car accident wasn’t that serious, despite the New England quarterback’s car getting t-boned in a high speed collision.

But why would the guy running Tiger Woods’ charity foundation mock Brady’s vehicular misfortune in the first place? Read more…