Moss-Insulted Minny Restaurant Offers Free Food

Paul Walsh of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that the restaurant owner who was insulted by Randy Moss over the quality of his catering for the Vikings has taken his case to the people of the Twin Cities.

Gus Tinucci of Tinucci's Restaurant

Gus Tinucci, owner of Tinucci’s Restaurant in St. Paul, is offering free lunch to customers on Friday who hand over their Randy Moss gear. The items will then be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs in the city where Moss next plays - Nashville.

Pretty cool idea.

Walsh reports of what led to the charity gesture by Tinucci:

The newly departed Moss inspired the charity promotion last Friday when he screamed at Gus Tinucci in the locker room after Vikings practice because he apparently didn’t like the way the buffet looked. Tinucci said Moss used profanity to emphasize that wouldn’t feed the food to his dog.

That’s right, Moss never even sampled the food before going ballistic. Read more…