Thanksgiving Accident Cop Is Employed By Tiger

As part of a lengthy investigative piece on the Windermere Police Department that initially responded to the Tiger Woods Thanksgiving car accident, Henry Pierson Curtis and Susan Jacobson of the ORLANDO SENTINEL report that two members of that force were under the employ of Woods as family bodyguards when the golfer’s accident took place.

Tiger Woods Car Accident Cop Was Employed By Woods At The Time

One of those officers, Timothy N. Cash, was the second member of law enforcement to respond to the accident, leaving his own beat to “reach the crash scene first.

The Sentinel notes of that same Windermere Police Dept.:

Several current and former officers have a history of legal troubles: drug abuse, domestic violence, lying and assault, according to court and police records reviewed in six counties by the Orlando Sentinel.

The Orlando print outlet also reports that, “two of those officers are bodyguards whom Woods trusted with the safety of his wife, Elin Nordegren, and their two children.Read more…