Governor Hopeful ‘Remarked’ On Saban Salary Cut

HOUSTON CHRONICLE reporter Alan Blinder reports to Jeremy Gray and Chuck Dean of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS this week that Alabama Republican candidate for governor Tim James, an Auburn graduate, recently made a comment about cutting Nick Saban’s salary to the staff of the Alabama student newspaper.

Tim James And Nick Saban

James, a 1985 graduate of Auburn University, was meeting with the editorial board of UA’s campus newspaper, The Crimson White, in April when he made the statement, said former managing editor Alan Blinder.

At least one person said they heard James make the comment about cutting Saban’s salary, although it was possibly in jest.

“It was kind of an off-handed remark” James made as he walked up the office stairs with the paper’s staff members, Blinder recalled. The newspaper never reported the comment, Blinder said.

“I think it was a way to put us at ease, but he did make the comment — joke or not,” Blinder said.

James is currently in an extremely close race with Bradley Byrnes for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination.

News of James’ comment blew up the phone lines of the highest-rated sports radio show in Alabama on Friday, the Paul Finebaum Show. That led to a response from the Twitter account of James about his Saban remark.

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From The NBA To Iraq: Meet The Real King James

So this seems like a good way to start the day — a story about a former NBA first-round draft pick who rides around in a HumVee. Not too impressive, until you realize the vehicle is located in Iraq, and the former baller in question — Tim Jameshas been deployed there in the Army since July.

Tim James

James was the Heat’s first pick in the 1999 draft (25th overall), and played for for Miami, Charlotte and Philadelphia before going overseas for fives seasons, playing in Japan, Turkey and Israel. His uncle, Sam McDonald, spent 22 years in the Marines, and he enlisted in Sept. of 2008. Once again, using your powers for good, not evil. That’s a +1. Read more…

Former NBA Player Trades Basketball For Baghdad

With all the discussion this summer about things like health care reform, cash-for-clunkers, and our country’s faltering economy, it might be easy to forget sometimes that the men and women of our armed forces have been fighting wars in two nasty, inhospitable countries far, far away for the better part of eight years now. As hard as people think it might be to give up salary for unpaid furloughs or other hardships Americans have had to endure lately, it pales in comparison to getting shipped halfway around the world to get shot at in 130-degree heat.

Tim James

It’s hard to believe that someone would willingly choose that as a job, yet millions of heroic Americans who believe in their country and what it stands for voluntarily sign on to keep our nation safe from our enemies. It’s especially hard to believe that people would give up seemingly everything to do it, but that’s exactly what former Miami Heat first-round draft pick Tim James did.

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