Did Burglaries, DUI Arrest Haunt Tulsa Candidate?

With Todd Graham having left for Pitt after a successful run as Tulsa head football coach, the Hurricane is back in the market for someone to lead their football program.

Garrick McGee

(Fair to be judged by something you did when you were 18?)

Earlier this week Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator Tim DeRuyter was offered the job by Tulsa school President Steadman Upham and athletic director Bubba Cunningham. A Big 12 coaching source told me this week that DeRuyter turned down it down after the TAMU assistant was told the job paid the paltry sum of $500,000 per season. (Fellow Conference USA coach June Jones makes four times that amount at SMU.)

DeRuyter may have just been testing his market value in talking to Tulsa, but likely wouldn’t have even spoken to the school had he known of the embarrassingly low salary. To that end, one hot coaching candidate from an SEC school told me Thursday he didn’t not express interest in Tulsa when contacted just for that reason.

Upham and Cunningham then reportedly targeted Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Garrick McGee as a leading candidate for the job. With some media outlets reporting yesterday that Tulsa had gone so far to offer McGee the job, an SEC coaching source told me late yesterday McGee had not received an offer thanks in part to concerns over off-field issues involving the Razorbacks assistant.

While serving as Northwestern Offensive Coordinator in 2007, McGee was arrested for DUI in … wait for it … Tulsa.

After initially being charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence stemming from a 2007 Christmas eve traffic stop, McGee pleaded guilty on March 21, 2008, to reckless driving according to Tulsa County court documents. McGee’s guilty plea for driving 16 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit was a $635 fine and 24 hours of community service.

That news was widely reported in the media in 2007, but in mulling McGee’s candidacy Tulsa also noted his brushes with the law during his days as a collegiate football player. Read more…