No Brit: Tiger Mistress Actually Deported Canadian

Fabian Dawson of the VANCOUVER PROVINCE reports this week that Tiger Woods‘ most recent mistress Emma Rotherham isn’t British. She’s in fact a Montreal native currently living illegally in the United States.

Emma Rotherham Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

(Rotherham allegedly said: “We don’t talk to ugly people.”)

A relative of Rotherham to the Province on the 42-year-old:

I don’t know how she got back into the U.S. and stayed there after we heard she was deported. I heard she was in New York with lawyers . . . I can’t say anything else. I just hope my brother does not have anything to do with her anymore . . . our concern are the children.

Another gem from Rotherham’s sister-in-law: “She and her friend always used to say we don’t talk to ugly people . . . I don’t have much time for her.

Rotherham has a 25-year-old daughter who lives in Montreal and a 16-year-old girl who lives with her in Florida.

Now for the interesting part.

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