Tiger “Had Sex With 121 Women” While Married

The publication that broke the story of the serial infidelity of Tiger Woods, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, reports this week that the golfer has had sex with 121 different women while married to Elin Nordegren.

Raychel Coudriet Tiger Woods Mistress Photos Pictures

(Woods alleged mistress Raychel Coudriet)

The Enquirer, owned by American Media, the company which secured the only photos of Woods at the Gentle Path sexual addiction clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss., reports that the figure was provided by the golfer as part of his treatment at the rehab center.

A “close source” to the Enquirer reported:

“He filled out four pages, listing the women he’d had affairs with - there were 120 names in all.”

Though the Enquirer’s John Blosser reports that when Woods reported the number of different women he had slept with to the clinic, the figure was actually one short.
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