Two Reports: Tiger On Yacht Bound For Bahamas

Last Friday, Jose Lambiet of the PALM BEACH POST reported:

Tiger Woods Yacht Docked At Old Port Cove Marina North Palm Beach Florida

Observers at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach noticed an increase of activity in and around golfer Tiger Woods’ yacht yesterday.

Word is that Woods, whose image went from family man to philanderer in three weeks flat, arrived in a limo about 3 p.m. Thursday and has been on the 155-foot ship since. A marina worker speculated that the golfer could be headed to the Bahamas as soon as the weather clears.

Sunday night, Linda Marx of reported:

Tiger Woods and a group of buddies, including some golfers, have left North Palm Beach, according to a source who has seen the golfer’s 155-ft. luxury yacht.

“Tiger’s boat Privacy has been docked at Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach for more than a week,” the source tells PEOPLE. “On Saturday morning, after stocking up on provisions from Costco on Northlake Blvd., the boat left town.”

Another source tells PEOPLE that Woods, 33, is going to cruise in the Bahamas for a few days after hanging around the Palm Beach Gardens area this past week.

Neither source has seen Woods, although tight security has been guarding the Old Port Cove Marina for more than a week. One eyewitness reported that a limo arrived at the marina Friday, before the boat departed the next morning.

Similar, independent accounts from legitimate outlets.

Before Friday, it had also been widely reported that the golfer’s yacht was being stocked with provisions, with the name of the boat covered for additional secrecy.

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